Rek House's mission is to gather  in one place all the specialists and services that your company needs for promotion.

We believe in holistic marketing . We believe that only taking care of customers at every step gives us a competitive advantage and relationships that will bear fruit in the future.


We look to the future . We specialize in implementing the best marketing solutions in the field of  digital.  

We value clear rules of cooperation. With us, you will always find out exactly what, for what and why we are doing. And what are the results.

We have extensive knowledge and experts in various marketing specializations on the Internet, thanks to which we select solutions for your industry and needs

Many of our business friends wanted to appear on the Internet and advertise, but they did not know how. They spent months trying to learn new skills - creating websites, making videos, taking photos and graphics, writing content, and advertising on the Internet. Sometimes they used the services of separate companies, sometimes they tried their own hand. Their actions, although true and sincere, did not bring the intended results. They wasted a lot of time and money, and their efforts, above all, provided a lot of nerve and anger.

We were amazed at how difficult it was to find a company that combines all the necessary tools to create a brand, understands people and combines it with marketing knowledge. It turned out that you can either create a logo or launch an ad on Facebook. However, there are no companies that would approach the subject broadly enough to do all this only with them.


We built Rek House to create such a place.


Going beyond what is known, gathering specialists and listening to customers' problems, we provide well-thought-out, properly planned marketing in one place.  


We believe that every business deserves good marketing. And creating a brand should be exciting and fun. That is why we help people like you to operate on the Internet. If you don't know where to start, write to us.

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CEO & Marketing Specialist at Rek House


Experienced in building and managing development teams  brands, internet marketing, events, film production and websites.  


He cooperated with brands such as Primark, Perfect Gym, Motel One, Enea, Warsaw Security Forum, Korporacja KGL, Artis, Edunation. In addition to working with big brands, she loves building new ones from scratch.


Passionate about science, history, sailing, music and behaviorism.

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Art Director & Co-Founder


  Graduate of the Film and Television Academy.

He specializes in a holistic visual approach to brands. Manages  teams responsible for photo, film, graphic and animation production.

A lover  good food, interior design and dogs.