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Edunation asked us to create a report from the Edu Kids & Teens 3 conference, which took place at PGE Narodowy.


We offered a creative approach to the film to create an engaging production that will promote the next installments.

Range of work

The entire production was on our side:

  • developing the concept of the film

  • writing the script

  • planning and preparation of the shooting sets

  • carrying out the shooting set

  • directing and conducting a voice-over recording with the vice-president of the eduNation board

  • editing and post-production of films

  • conducting photo reports at educational conferences


Anna Popławska

Vice President & Co founder,

Great quality of both the video and image. I am very pleased with each joint implementation!

We developed the concept of the above film and wrote a script to introduce the brand's mission.


Both the message and the language of communication have been adapted to the target group.

Taking advantage of the strong personal brand of the founder of Edunation, Anna Popławska, we selected her as the narrator and conducted a voice-over recording.

In order to increase the possibility of promoting the next editions, we also conducted short interviews with conference participants. Thanks to this, we have made our message more credible, and we have gained attractive content for the future.

Since the production of the above materials, we regularly cooperate with this brand, creating a number of promotional materials.


An example is the photos we took at the Congress of Methodologists and Language School Owners.

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The authors of the success


CEO, Marketing Specialist 

Experienced in building and managing branding, internet marketing, events, film production and website teams.


Co-founder, Art Director

She specializes in a holistic approach to brands when it comes to visuals. She manages teams responsible for graphic identification, photography, video, graphic and animation production.