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The warsaw medical clinic Przychodnia Powiśle asked us for comprehensive marketing care over the company.

The main goal was to create a modern medical brand, and then adapt the communication to today's standards and attract new patients.

After conducting the audit, we created a strategy for complementary activities that created a modern and patient-friendly clinic.

Range of activities

We started our activities with audit and observation. We have planned a number of holistic activities, which included:

  • naming

  • creating a visual identity

  • designing a new website

  • making a photo session of employees

  • recording and editing a film

  • creating digital signage materials

  • designing print materials

  • designing the interior of the clinic

  • ongoing monitoring of activities


Since we handed over all our marketing activities to Rek House , our clinic has been recording a regular increase in patients and is getting better assessed.

Hanna Białecka - Banaś

Vice President of the Board, KGL Corporation



The first step was to create a new name and logo that will represent the character of the company and become the basis for all future activities.


We have changed the name from Drag-Med to Przychodnia Powiśle and developed graphic identification adapted to today's communication channels, including of course social media.

Logo Drag-Med.
Logo Drag-Med.

Stare logo firmy.

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Sygnet Przychodni Powiśle.
Sygnet Przychodni Powiśle.

Projekt wykonany przez Rek House.

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Nowe logo Przychodni Powiśle
Nowe logo Przychodni Powiśle

Opracowane przez Rek House.

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Logo Drag-Med.
Logo Drag-Med.

Stare logo firmy.

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Web site

The next stage was the creation of a new website.


The website has been launched with all necessary tools analyzing traffic and interest, thanks to which we are able to monitor the effects of our activities and patients' reactions on an ongoing basis.


The website can be seen at


Movies and photos

We constantly take photos and videos that are widely used in digital and print materials.


Interior design

We introduced a screen with digital signage animations to the reception, thanks to which we can immediately modify the information presented to patients.

Print materials

We designed a number of print materials:

business cards / work schedule / materials for the reception / aprons for staff / badges

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Interior design

We have developed an interior design that is compatible with graphic identification and current trends.


We supported the board with advice during the renovation, which allowed us to get the interior not only functional, but also visually attractive in photos and videos.


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Customer service standards

During the analysis of the patient's path at the clinic, we noticed elements requiring improvement in customer service.


We helped the management to conduct a series of trainings, thanks to which patient satisfaction increased and retention increased.


After creating the basis for image and communication above, Rek House's cooperation with Przychodnia Powiśle is planned a few years ahead.


We will be adding new completed projects on a regular basis.

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We observe.
We design.
We implement.

Why us? Because our team consists of people full of ideas, with tremendous experience and a passion for action. We like diversity, and difficult tasks are challenges for us. 


CEO & Marketing Specialist 

Jakub Gołębiowski

Experienced in building and managing branding, internet marketing, events, film production and website teams.


He specializes in a holistic approach to brands in terms of visuals. Manages identification teams  graphic, photo, film, graphic and animation production.



Co-Founder & Art Director