On the occasion of the opening of the first Primark store in Poland, we’ve made a number of materials that appeared in the client's marketing channels, as well as in the national media.


Range of work

The entire production was on our side:

  • recording video and audio material at the event

  • editing and post-production of 3 videos

  • photo report from the event

  • photo post-production

Primark | Film z pracownikami

Primark | Film z pracownikami

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PRIMARK | Wielkie otwarcie

PRIMARK | Wielkie otwarcie

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PRIMARK | Wielkie otwarcie w Galerii Młociny

PRIMARK | Wielkie otwarcie w Galerii Młociny

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The authors of the success


Co-founder, Art Director

She specializes in a holistic approach to brands when it comes to visuals. She manages teams responsible for graphic identification, photography, video, graphic and animation production.


Director of photography,

film editor

Thanks to his passion for recording, he approaches each project in an individual and creative way. He is characterized by a fresh perspective and likes to learn new techniques of image realization.


Tomek Kiełczewski


For the last 10 years, he has worked for several Warsaw photo agencies, which resulted in many press publications in Polish and foreign titles.


CEO, Marketing Specialist 

Experienced in building and managing branding, internet marketing, events, film production and website teams.