Motel One

The international hotel chain Motel One chose us to create a making of video of the mural creation process at the reception area in their 71st hotel.

Range of work

We had the entire film and photo production on our side:

  • script development

  • planning and preparation of the shooting set

  • carrying out the shooting set

  • composing music based on a piece by Chopin

  • directing and conducting a voice-over recording with the artist of the mural

  • editing and post-production of the document and short teasers

  • photographic documentation of the mural creation process

  • photo report from the opening of the hotel

Motel One wanted an unusual approach to the film. Therefore, instead of recording another report, we’ve created a story.

The main theme of the mural was Chopin, so for the purposes of the film, we combined Chopin's work with modern, electronic tones. Additionally, we interviewed the author of the mural - Mariusz Libel, who also became its narrator.

During the recording of the video materials, we’ve also created a photo report as well as a timelapse from the overall production of the mural. These materials were used by Motel One to promote their new hotel in social media, thanks to which they increased the interest in the facility under construction.


During the official opening of the Motel One hotel in Warsaw, we created a photo report. We have immortalized the most important elements of the event for Motel One. These materials are used for promotion - in press releases, interviews and in social media.

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