Men's Depot is a new brand of exclusive men's cosmetics that chose us to create  a complete online store platform and  graphic identification .

Range of activities

Our tasks included the performance of:

  • corporate identity and logo

  • designing an online store

  • development of product photos

  • ongoing monitoring of activities


After developing the brand positioning, analyzing the target group and competition, we decided to create a distinctive identification.  


We have designed a logo referring to the vintage style, but in a contemporary edition.

Men's Depot logo zaprojektowane przez Rek House
Men's Depot logo zaprojektowane przez Rek House

The logo became the basis and inspiration for the rest of the identification and appearance of the website. The full store can be seen at


We have also redesigned photos of all Men's Depot products.


The store was made in Wordpress technology using WooCommerce. This ensured reliability of operation as well as ease of future sales handling.  

In order to increase automation, we have developed integration with the following systems:

  • Payu payments

  • invoicing

  • shipping by courier and parcel locker

  • storage

  • newsletter

  • Google Analytics

  • Facebook advertising

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We observe.
We design.
We implement.

Why us? Because our team consists of people full of ideas, with tremendous experience and a passion for action. We like diversity, and difficult tasks are challenges for us. 


CEO & Marketing Specialist 

Jakub Gołębiowski

Experienced in building and managing branding, internet marketing, events, film production and website teams.