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Video that gets it done

Your video will be visually appealing, with immersive editing and precise audio, but what is even more important, it will also be effective.


A broad choice in production and budgets

We specialize in web formats. We create advertisements, promotional spots, product and training films, case studies, reports from events, streams, animations and performance marketing videos. Do you need something else? No problem. Just ask.


Marketing in every script

We perfectly understand digital marketing - your goals, needs and problems.

Our team has spent years working in the industry and is invited to conferences as experts. Thanks to this, we can incorporate marketing techniques into each production so that our clients achieve their business goals.


Experience and initiative

You can feel confident working with us. We have produced hundreds of videos for both small businesses and giants such as Adidas, Reebok, Primark, Enea, Motel One and Oriflame. We quickly solve production problems, use limitations creatively and always make the most out of the budget.


Our mission

Marketing teams often can’t find a common ground with filmmakers, and production can be complicated, as well as time-consuming.


This is why at Rek House we have combined film intelligence, marketing competencies and business experience with a polished and easy production process that is accessible to everyone.


As a result, our clients receive effective videos that achieve the goals they set, while having more time to spend on their other duties, without wasting energy.

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Franciszek Georgiew



I have known the Rek House team for many years and we had the opportunity to cooperate on many levels. Their team consists of people who know not only about video production, but also have solid foundations in the field of marketing and business. From the agency's point of view, cooperation with them is very pleasant and hassle-free, and the processes are refined and marketer-friendly.


Lewis Stowe

Marketing director,

Perfect Gym

Jakub and Anna were very communicative throughout the entire process, helping us define the scope of the project and adapting to the changes in the scope that were introduced. The film crew that came were helpful and professional. The edit was collaborative and I was able to rely on their expertise to produce a great, professional-looking film.

Kornelia Ciołek.jpg

Kornelia Ciołek

Head of the Program Department,

KADR Cultural Center

Extensive experience and high qualifications of employees had impact into effects that fully met our expectations. We especially value the commitment and high-quality service as well as the openness to tailoring the offer to the client's needs.


Anna Popławska

Vice President & Co founder,

Great quality of both the video and image. I am very pleased with each joint implementation!

Clients who trusted us


Efficient cooperation

Our production process will take a lot of trouble off your shoulders. Over the years, we've refined it, so that it's simple and transparent for everyone - even someone who has never made a video.


Timelines and responsibility

We quickly set project deadlines and stick to them. We clearly communicate the progress of work, and each stage is scheduled transparently. Thanks to this, you always know where you stand, why and on what your every zloty will be spent and you will avoid unpleasant surprises.


Full support and tutoring

We support our clients with our knowledge and experience. At the beginning of the cooperation, you will receive an e-book and a video course that will help you understand video production. Additionally, your project will have a Project Manager assigned. They will guide the entire production process and explain all the intricacies - and you will have more time for yourself.


We operate internationally

We have successfully produced films in Poland, the United Arab Emirates, Russia, Germany, Lithuania and Thailand. We feel at ease in international teams and speak English fluently. We are mobile and prepared to work in any country in the world.

Meet Rek House

We create a team based on trust and shared values and cooperation. Get to know us better and see why you should choose us.



Experienced in building and managing branding, internet marketing, events, film production and website teams.


Zuza Barc

Film director, film production manager

She has worked with brands such as SAMSUNG, Xiaomi, Skanska, Stokrotka stores as well as Propeller and JOHO production houses.


Co-founder, Art Director

She specializes in a holistic approach to brands when it comes to visuals. She manages teams responsible for graphic identification, photography, video, graphic and animation production.


Robert Juzala

Sound engineer

He has the ability to plan and find a way out of any situation. He successfully completed hundreds of projects. He is passionate about sound production, music and the possibilities offered by business mathematics.


Director of photography, film editor

Thanks to his passion for recording, he approaches each project in an individual and creative way. He is characterized by a fresh perspective and likes to learn new techniques of image realization.


Tomek Kiełczewski


For the last 10 years, he has worked for several Warsaw photo agencies, which resulted in many press publications in Polish and foreign titles.


Director of photography, photographer

He carried out campaigns for brands such as Xiaomi, CCC, Carrefour, Ikea, Bnp Paribas, Specjal, Fixly, Warner music Polska, Sp Records.

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