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Artis Wellness Club

Together with Artis Wellness Club, we have created a film promoting the original F30 training programme by Tomasz Choiński and Emilia Błaziak.


The goal was to create a video that would call to action and form the backbone of the social media campaign.

Range of work

The entire production was on our side:

  • developing the concept of the film

  • writing the script

  • preparation and planning of  shooting set

  • carrying out a shooting set

  • directing recordings coaches voice-over

  • editing and post-production of films

  • making animations

ARTIS Wellness Club - reklama Forma 30 | by Rek House

ARTIS Wellness Club - reklama Forma 30 | by Rek House

Play Video

We’ve developed the concept and also created a script to encourage people to sign up for the programme.


Both the message and the language of communication have been adapted to the target group.

Taking advantage of the strong personal brand of the coaches - Tomasz Choiński and Emilia Błaziak, we’ve selected them as narrators and conducted a voiceover recording in the club using our mobile recording studio.


In order to increase the possibility of promoting the next editions, we’ve also conducted short interviews with conference participants. Thanks to this, we have made our message more credible, and we have gained attractive content for the future.