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Academia Nautica is one of the most awarded sailing and motor boating schools in Poland. They have successfully trained tens of thousands of graduates since 1986 and are currently teaching  the largest amount  students in Poland. They also provide services for  state institutions and services, including the most demanding.

Range of activities

  • Creation of a movie concept

  • Writing the script

  • Recording of film materials

  • Recording of the teachers, in this case the trainers

  • Editing of films

  • Post-production of films


Thanks to the analysis of the target group of customers and the competition on the market, we have created a strategy for the brand, thanks to which it has a chance to take over an undeveloped niche for itself. Based on the strategy, we developed a new logotype and assumptions for identification, communication, promotion and offer.


When creating the logotype, we took into account the strategic assumptions for the coming years. That is why we have created a logo that will be well presented on all promotional materials, and most importantly - on the sails of the Academia Nautica fleet. 



After examining the client's needs, we decided to create a website on the WIX platform. This allowed us to obtain maximum benefits within the assumed budget and gave the client the ability to easily edit information on the website from any computer.


The new website also has a built-in registration, payment and communication system with customers.

The integrated application on the phone allows you to supervise the enrollment and payments of students from anywhere in the world, which is very important in the sailing and motorboat training industry.


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We observe.
We design.
We implement.

Why us? Because our team consists of people full of ideas, with tremendous experience and a passion for action. We like diversity, and difficult tasks are challenges for us. 


CEO & Marketing Specialist 

Jakub Gołębiowski

Experienced in building and managing branding, internet marketing, events, film production and website teams.


He specializes in a holistic approach to brands in terms of visuals. Manages identification teams  graphic, photo, film, graphic and animation production.



Co-Founder & Art Director